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"Let Calvin E. Chance, Jr. fight the insurance company for you."

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     Calvin E. Chance, Jr. P.C., is a Personal Injury Accident law firm in Augusta, Georgia, where our clients always come first.  Every client is treated with courtesy and is guaranteed effective representation by our experienced lawyer, Calvin E. Chance, Jr.  By doing so, our expertise and integrity have earned us a reputation as one of the premier attorney firms in Augusta, Georgia. 

    Calvin E. Chance, Jr.’s consistent track record of uncompromising ethics and results instills confidence and trust in not only our clients, but district attorneys, insurance defense lawyers and judges as well, all around the Augusta Judicial Circuit of Georgia.  Calvin E. Chance, Jr. P.C. uses cutting edge computer and legal technologies that allow us to respond quickly and give you the most relevant information and perspectives regarding your legal situation.  This results in the most effective representation of your case.

     Calvin E. Chance, Jr. P.C. is dedicated to achieving the best outcome for every client. With Calvin E. Chance, Jr. P.C. on your side, you will come out on top.

    The focal area of our attorney, Calvin E. Chance, Jr., is tractor trailer personal injury accident cases involving serious injuries.  However, not only does Calvin E. Chance, Jr. P.C. handle tractor trailer accidents, we also handle cases involving car wrecks, boating accidents, motorcycle wrecks and truck wrecks.  Calvin E. Chance, Jr. also wants to be your Workers Comp lawyer.  

    Calvin E. Chance, Jr. P.C. does not limit its practice to handling personal injury accident cases only in the Augusta, Georgia area, rather, we handle personal injury accident and wreck cases from all over the country and internationally, as well.  However, Calvin E. Chance, Jr. P.C. does not handle non-injury related cases outside of the Augusta Judicial Circuit of Georgia.

    If you are involved in any type of personal injury accident or car wreck in or around Augusta, Georgia, or anywhere in the world, whether it’s a tractor trailer wreck, a car wreck, a truck wreck, a motorcycle accident, a boat accident or a Workers Comp accident and you sustain some type of serious personal injury, there are several things you should know before the accident even takes place.  First, seek treatment immediately. Next, if a tractor trailer driver is the cause of the wreck, do not make any statements to the tractor trailer’s truck company lawyer or their insurance’s defense attorney.  Tractor trailer wrecks cost the truck company a lot of money. It is no accident that within hours of the wreck, the truck company’s lawyers and their insurance company’s defense attorneys are already working hard against you on your personal injury accident case, trying to find ways to blame you for the accident by making it look like your actions contributed to the accident.  

    The same advice applies to any serious personal injury accident caused by an employee of a major company as it does to a tractor trailer wreck.  The company’s lawyers and their insurance defense attorneys are on the job within hours.  At Calvin E. Chance, Jr. P.C., many times we will allow you to give a statement, but it will be while you are sitting at the desk of Calvin E. Chance, Jr. at his office in Augusta, Georgia.

     To a lesser extent, the same advice applies to a car wreck, a motorcycle wreck or a boat accident involving a serious personal injury accident whether its in Augusta or any other city in Georgia.  While the insurance company of the owner of the car, motorcycle or boat generally will not carry as high of insurance limits as a truck company or any large  company, so the different lawyers and attorneys do not act as quickly, eventually, they use the same tactics to try to make it look like you are the cause of the accident that caused your personal injury.

     Since the tractor trailer companies and other large company lawyers and insurance attorneys are working on your personal injury accident case so soon, you should be doing the same.  At Calvin E. Chance, Jr., P.C. we want to be your personal injury accident attorney.  You need to have your personal injury accident attorney working for you as soon as their company lawyers and insurance attorneys.  As soon as possible, call or e-mail Calvin E. Chance, Jr. and set up an appointment with a local lawyer right here at our office in Augusta, Georgia.  If you are unable to come to our office, Calvin E. Chance, Jr. will come to your home,  your hospital room or where ever you are convalescing. 

     The same advice applies if you sustain a serious personal injury as a result of Workers Comp accident.  The Workers Comp company lawyers and their insurance defense attorneys will do everything they can to make it look like the accident that caused your personal injury was not work related.  For months after the accident, they will secretly spy on you and videotape you when you least expect it to try to make it appear that you are faking your personal injury.    
    For all these reasons, you need to have Calvin E. Chance, Jr., P.C. protecting your interests, preserving evidence and maximizing your potential recovery as soon as possible.  As our motto says, "Let Calvin E. Chance, Jr. fight the insurance company for you."



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